Sugar Mountain North Carolina

Sugar Mountain’s name comes from the first settlers who thought the snow on the ground looked like grains of sugar.  Another reason for the name Sugar Mountain is because in 1900 a majority of the residents worked in a sugar factory and an old tale says that one night in late January the sugar in the factory was leaking out of the building which caused a layer of white grains that looked just like snow.

Sugar Mountain is conveniently located right in the middle of the High Country on Tynecastle Hwy.  It has several mountain streams, beautiful greenery, mountain views, biking & hiking trails as well as home to Sugar Mountain Ski Resort!

Sugar Mountain Resort is the largest ski area in North Carolina which offers skiers and snow boarders 20 trails and 8 lifts spread out over 115 acres.

A major summer attraction is the scenic lift rides offered on weekends where visitors can ride the ski lift to the 5,300 foot peak. The 40 minute round trip ride features a spectacular view of the High Country and runs from July 4 to Labor Day weekend.

Sugar Mountain also offers tennis players and golfers an opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport in the cool beautiful mountain setting.   There is a 64 hole golf course and a six court tennis facility.